Left: James Currie. Right: a portrait of Burns by Archibald Skirving, published in The Works of Robert Burns, by Blackie and Son, Glasgow, 1854.
Date : 13-06-1800
Correspondent : Cadell & DaviesCorrespondent Location : London
Recipient : James Currie Recipient Location : Liverpool
Subject : The publishers discuss the final physical composition of the first batch of the edition.
Dear Sir
      We should sooner have had the Pleasure of replying to your Favour of the 2d but that we were desirous of giving you the Satisfaction of knowing that some of the Copies had arrived here safe – We yesterday received Mr McCreery’s first Parcel which our People are making up into Sets, and we believe consist of about 500 compleat, besides a Number of fourth Volumes – We hope to receive the Remainder of the 1000 in a Day or two, so that we shall publish immediately – Be assured that we will take particular Care to have the Postscript inserted in every Copy before it goes out – We did not send the Heads for the 20 fine Copies as you desired, because those we sent to Mr McCreery were the earliest Impressions, and he will not have Occasion for the whole of them – We beg that you will dispose of these fine Copies in any Way you please – our principal Wish with Regard to them being that you and Mr Roscoe should each have one at least, and these we hope Mr McCreery took Care to have properly bound as we desired – if there should be one which you can, with perfect Convenience and consistently with your Arrangements, spare, we should be glad of it for ourselves – At your earliest Leisure, you will favour us with a List of the Subscribers in our Neighbourhood to whom you appropriate a certain Portion of the 500 – And, as there is so much Reason to believe that a second Edition will soon be required, you will be pleased to prepare and send us a Copy from which we shall print – We must divide it between two or three Printing houses, so as to have it as short a Time as possible out of the Market – It would have given us much Pleasure to have employed Mr McCreery upon whatever Editions we had Occasion for, as we have every Reason to be satisfied with him, but he will readily perceive that, on many Accounts, this is out of our Power –
      Should you see Mr Roscoe soon, be so obliging as tell him that we are favoured with his Letter, and that we will not fail to obtain for him that Information he wishes, as far as we are able –

            We are, dear Sir,

                  Your faithful & obedient Servants

                        Cadell & Davies

June 13, 1800 –

P.S. We will, at any Time, honour your Draft for the Amount of the Expences incurred by you in the Preparation of Burns –

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