Left: James Currie. Right: a portrait of Burns by Archibald Skirving, published in The Works of Robert Burns, by Blackie and Son, Glasgow, 1854.
Date : 19-09-1800
Correspondent : James CurrieCorrespondent Location : Liverpool
Recipient : Cadell & Davies Recipient Location : London
Subject : Currie send corrections and suggests a 150 guinea payment for a translation by a friend for a German text.

Dr Sirs
      What is contained in the two preceding pages is for the Corrector of the press –
      I have mentioned to the Lady in regard to whom we corresponded that you requested her to propose her terms for the translation from the German — She wishes much to avoid this being unacquainted with what is usual – But as I pressed her – she has named, one hundred & fifty Guineas —
      Have the goodness to consider & oblige me with your answer.
      I have the honour
           To be yr. faithful St.

Notes :

The Lady: Salomon Gesner (1730-1788) a much translated German poet in the second part of the eighteenth century.

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